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Burn an audio CD

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Burn an audio CD? Yes because this is as opposed to a data CD everywhere playable. So just on compact disc players that cannot play mp3 CD’s.

You can burn about 74 minutes of music (approx.20 tracks) on a cd-r disc of 650 MB. On several discs it is more common to burn 80 minutes of music (700 MB).


Burn an audio CD

It is possible to burn an audio CD from MP3 files instead of WAV files. This is done the same way it’s done with Windows Media Player 10 and iTunes 6.

Instead of adding WAV files to your play list, you add MP3 files to it. The whole process takes up somewhat more time because the files are converted (automatically) to WAV files first.

You can burn audio cd with:
Nero 6

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