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Burn audio CD with Nero 6

On this page you will find information about how to burn an audio CD with Nero 6.


Open Nero Burning ROM 6.
In the New Compilation window select CD and Audio CD. (If not opened in this window, go to menu File, New…).

Nero 6 New Compilation

Click the ‘New’button (up right) to browse to the files you want to burn to an audio CD.

Nero 6, New Compilation, Open

Go to the wav files you previously have split, select them and drag them to the left (empty) part of the window.

Click the Burn button.

Nero 6 Burn button

Fill in the the Audio Tab form the Burn Compilation window, like the picture below.
And leave the remaining settings unchanged.

Nero 6, New Compilation, Audio CD

Now click the ‘Burn’ button (up right, formerly ‘New’) in the ‘Burn Compilation’ Window to burn your (first) Audio CD. Your Audio CD will be ready in less then 10 minutes, with verification and less then 5 minutes, without verification. Obviously this is dependent on the speed of your computer.

When Nero is finished burning, you can close Nero or burn another Audio CD. When you exit Nero, a message will popup like the one below.

Nero 6, Save Project

You can burn the Audio CD again, if you click Yes. Most of the time this won’t be necessary.

Have fun at listening to your favourite vinyl album!!!

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