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Change Audacity Directories

On this page you find information about how to change Audacity Directories.


In the window Audacity Preferences; Select the panel Directories and change the settings corresponding the picture below. If you have several disks and/or partitions, you can change the location to the directory with the most free space (at least 500 Mb). In this case it is the T: drive. See picture below.

Change Audacity Directories

The program Audacity uses this folder, when you work on a project which hasn’t been saved jet as an Audacity Project (AUP file). Consider the fact that the default sample format of 32-bit float, consumes twice as much disk space as the 16-bit sample format. So additional disk space is a requirement. The default sample format can be set in the pane Audio I/O .
Once you are ready changing the settings you can go on with the panel Interface.

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