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Change Audacity File Formats

On this page you find information about how to change Audacity File Formats.


In the window Audacity Preferences; Select the panel File Formats and change the settings corresponding the picture below.

Audacity Preferences, File Formats

If you want to export files to MP3 with Audacity, click the button ‘Find Library’. See picture above. A message will appear like the one below. If you already have downloaded and installed the LAME/MP3 encoder you can go on by clicking Yes (Ja), else click No (Nee) and follow these instructions. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the LAME/MP3 encoder you can come back to this page.

Audacity Find Library

After clicking Yes (Ja) you can specify the location of the lame_enc.dll file, see next picture. In this case the file is in the Audacity folder. The file has been copied over here, by me. Select the file and click Open (Openen). You now will return to the window Audacity Preferences, as in the first picture.

Audacity lame_enc.dll location

Once you are ready changing the settings you can go on with the panel Directories.

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