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Change Audacity Quality

On this page you find information about how to change Audacity Quality.


In the window Audacity Preferences; Select the panel Quality and change the settings corresponding the picture below. The settings are also mentioned in the text in case the picture is not readable.

Audacity Quality panel

Default Sample Rate: 44100 Hz.

Default Sample Format: 32-bit float.This controls the default format used to store audio samples. 16-bit takes up the least space and is equivalent to audio CD quality. 32-bit float takes up twice as much space but is much more flexible. If you have a fast computer and enough disk space, you should always use 32-bit float samples while editing, and then export your final mix as a 16-bit WAV file (the default).

Real-time sample rate converter: Fast Sinc Interpolation

High-quality sample rate converter: High-quality Sinc Interpolation

Real-time dither: None

High-quality dither: Triangle

The mentioned settings affect the performance of the computer. If the performance is to slow you can change the settings to improve the performance of the pc, at the cost of the quality.

Once you are ready changing the settings you can go on with the panel File Formats.

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