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Record your vinyl LP or music on your computer and convert it to CD or MP3

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Be able to listen to your favourite maxi single or vinyl record everywhere. Stop the aging process and boost the quality. These are just a few possibilities once you have recorded your music cassette or vinyl album on to your pc.


Times have changed as has the technique of audio carriers and suitable players. The phonograph player has been passed by the cd player and the mp3 player is running ahead of the walkman. It’s mp3 what beats the bell.

As time went by you've gone along and you’ve purchased a new audio set. Maybe you have exchanged your old audio set including the turntable, with it. You might have wondered how your 12 inch would sound in the car. Or if only I had a CD version of my vinyl record, I could listen to it anywhere.

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This site is about recording vinyl albums, cassettes or audio from another source on to the computer. Once recorded it can be converted to a CD or mp3.

Basic principle is that everyone has to be able to convert his/her vinyl record to cd with as little as possible cost. Therefore the information found here is about converting your vinyl with free or default software like Audacity, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Realplayer,…

Need I be clever, deftly? Can I do this? For this job you don’t need to solder or program things. All you need to know, is how to connect a record player to an amplifier, and the amplifier to the pc. Some patience might come in handy as well, recording a vinyl record on to the computer takes about twenty minutes per side of your time.

Crosley CR48-CH Decorative Turntable

Converting vinyl to cd or mp3, what do you need to do the job? A vinyl record, a vinyl turntable, possibly an amplifier, a computer with a soundcard and software. When converting an audiocassette, you need an audiocassette and a cassette player instead of the record and turntable.

A very brief description of how its done: Connect the equipment to each other, record the vinyl on to the pc, split the recording, burn an audio cd and /or convert it to mp3.

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This site is for an important part about copying music, that’s why the following has to be mentioned. You may only make a copy for own use. The next rules will help you to keep straight.
• You may copy a vinyl record or cd which is already in your possession for own use.
• You cannot copy a record or cd from others with the intention of adding this to your collection.
• You may not broadcast or play music from LP or cd in a public space.
• Copyright cannot become prescribed.
Don’t feel guilty if you make a copy of your record for the purpose of own use, since you have already paid for it. You can find more information about the use of music on the website of Buma/Stemra.
You can find more information about copyright on the website of Wikipedia.

By the way reading this site is fun, but only reading does not get the job done. So get cracking. Get out of your chair and get to it! Have fun…

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