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WAV to MP3 with Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3

On this page you’ll find information about how to convert WAV to MP3 with Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3. With this program you can convert many WAV files to MP3 simultaneously. You have to take the ID3Tag info into account, this has to be filled in by yourself with appropriate software. If this (ID3Tags) is of non importance to you, converting can be done in minutes.


Another way to get your ID3Tags completed is by burning WAV files on to an audio CD If you convert (rip) your audio CD to MP3 and you are connected to the internet, the ID3Tags will be completed automatically.

Start Cheetah Audio Converter whereupon the following window appears.

Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3 Main Window

In the left pane of the main window you can set the quality of the MP3 files and the location where they will be saved. In the right pane you can browse to the WAV files and select them.

Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3 Left pane

Adopt the data in the above picture, this is the standard quality of MP3 files. Most MP3 players can handle this. If you want better quality, refer to the manual of your MP3 player first. Change the ‘Output Directory’ as needed. This is the location where the MP3 files will be saved.

Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3 Explorer Pane

In the Explorer pane (right), browse to the folder with the WAV files.

Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3 Main Window

Select them and drag them to the left pane. You can drag the files from different places if they are not grouped together in one location.

Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3 Menu

When you’ve dragged all the files you want to convert to MP3 to the left panel, you can start converting by clicking the Convert button.
Converting a complete vinyl record takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Now it‘s time for a cup of coffee or tea… Copy your MP3 files on to your MP3 player and you can listen to your favourite vinyl everywhere!

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