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From wav to mp3

On this page you’ll find information about how to convert your recorded vinyl or cassette, and saved as WAV to MP3. So you can listen to your favourite album or recording from your MP3 player.


There are different ways to convert WAV files to MP3. The most obvious method for this site is rippin’ yourself burned audio CD. First from the Wav files an audio CD is burned. Through importing or ripping’ this CD the files will be converted to MP3 files.

Another way to transform WAV into MP3 is by opening the WAV files with an audio editor like Audacity and then save them as MP3. This is well to do if this is part of the process of recording and burning, but a hell of a job if you want to convert lots of files. Therefore it is preferable to use a conversion program to process a lot of files.

Ripping or importing yourself burned audio CD.

As mentioned previously this is the most obvious method for this site. The information you find here is also useful for music CD’s purchased in a Record/CD shop. Through the next link you’ll get information about how to do this with:
iTunes 7

Convert many WAV files to MP3.

The other way, using a conversion program to convert WAV to MP3. Basic principle is that you have a lot of WAV files you want to make playable with a MP3 player. Through the next links you’ll get information about how to do this with:
Wav2MP3Wizard v3.1
WAV to MP3 with Cheetah Audio Converter 1.3

The software used here is Freeware, so it’s free and has no limitations.

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